Papilio Playground

The playground is an area where anyone can contribute code, examples, documentation, or just pictures of the Papilio in action. Anything Papilio or FPGA related is welcome.

The playground is a publicly editable wiki and we encourage anyone to add or edit content, the password is "gadget". To edit any page scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Edit Page". There are instructions for wiki markup at the bottom. The password to upload images is also "gadget".

Papilio Recommended Project Structure

boldport StructureRecommended way to layout your VHDL and Verilog projects.

User Contributed Code and Projects

BootstrapProject to bootstrap the SRAM from Flash on the Papilio Plus
VGA7SEGSimple VHDL code to implement virtual seven segment displays on a VGA screen.
VGA GeneratorProject using the VGA Wing to generate sync signals and 3-bit color for 640x480 VGA displays. Contains separate projects: one to set background color via Button/LED Wing and another that displays 80x30 text from a frame buffer.
SPDIF CaptureCapture digital audio from a CD/DVD Player.
Display 4Project using a rotary switch/button to alter a number displayed on 4 digit LED.
Sound OutVHDL code to send tones through a Delta-Sigma DAC and out of the Audio Wing.
Small AVRSmall AVR (ATmega8 sized) for Papilio One FPGA Board. (Note: This is different then the Papilio.AVR8)
PS2 IORead PS/2 keyboard scan codes and PS/2 mouse movements using the Keyboard and Mouse Wing.
CNC PrinterProject to control salvaged printer mechanisms with the Papilio One.
Sega Master SystemImplement a Sega Master System on a Papilio 500k
DAC SPIControls the MCP4921 DAC chip using SPI for the Papilio (Xilinx FPGA) using VHDL.
SRAM TestCode to test SRAM on Papilio RAM board.
XSVF PlayerXSVF Player: Program FPGA's and CPLD's using the Papilio One

Soft Processors


AVR8 MakefileSimplified Makefile for the AVR8.


Button LED Wing

UCF Files

Papilio One UCF - Contributed by Alex


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