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Papilio DUO$87.99 
Papilio One 250K$37.99Rs.4499
Papilio One 500K$64.99Rs.5499
Papilio Pro$74.99Rs.6499
LogicStart Shield$24.99 
Computing Shield$34.99 
Arcade MegaWing$19.99Rs.799
LogicStart MegaWing$39.99Rs.1699
RetroCade MegaWing$64.99-

Note: Customers from India can purchase the boards from Gadget Factory India Store


For a complete list of distributors visit the Gadget Factory Distributors List.

Which size is right for me?

Here are some tables to help make some general size comparisons.

Logic Size

For a frame of reference, here is a chart of how much logic the Arduino core uses with the Papilio One 250K board.

AVR8 ConfigurationLogic Slices Used (250K)
AVR8 with PortA only, no timer, no UART47%
AVR8 with PortA-F, all timers, 1 UART62%

Memory Size

Papilio BoardAddressable bitsBlock RAMS (2K w/parity)
Papilio One 250K221,184 (24KB without parity)12
Papilio One 500K368,640 (40KB without parity)20
Papilio Pro512,000 (64KB without parity)32

Supported Projects

Supported ProjectsPapilio Pro LX9Papilio One 500KPapilio One 250K
AVR8 Soft Processor
ZPUino Soft Processor
LogicStart eBook
Arcade Games 
RetroCade Synth 

RetroCade Synth Feature Matrix

RetroCade Synth FeaturesPapilio Pro LX9Papilio One 500KPapilio One 250K
SID Audio 
YM2149 Audio 
MOD Files  
SD Card Support  

Open Source FPGA SynthsPapilio Pro LX9Papilio One 500KPapilio One 250K
Gateman Poly Synth*
SK Synth(approve sites)* 

Note 1: The Open Source Gateman Poly and SK Synth will be ported to the RetroCade hardware soon.


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