Papilio Playground

The playground is an area where anyone can contribute code, examples, documentation, or just pictures of the Papilio in action. Anything Papilio or FPGA related is welcome.

The playground is a publicly editable wiki and we encourage anyone to add or edit content, the password is "gadget". To edit any page scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Edit Page". There are instructions for wiki markup at the bottom. The password to upload images is also "gadget".


The Wing Playground is a location for users to find and contribute Wing designs.

Design your own Wing

EAGLE CAD templates make it a breeze to define your own custom Wings. Wings are easy to develop because there are no pin location requirements. Just add your desired component to the EAGLE schematic, connect it to the I/O pins that are most convenient, and let the autorouter take care of the routing. Wings take the worry out of making a new PCB, there are no placement mistakes to make, the FPGA can adapt to however you designed the Wing.


We encourage users who make their own Wings to use the BatchPCB service to cost effectively manufacture their PCB. Once the design is verified then users can even make their designs available for sale through the BatchPCB service. List your design here and make a couple bucks for each PCB that other users buy from Batchpcb.

Wing Templates

Use these EAGLE templates to make your own Wings.

8-bit and 16-bit Wing TemplateThe library and template files.

User contributed Wings

SOIC to DIP adaptator boardBreadboard compatible breakout board.
TV Output WingDesign Information for a TV Wing
Eagle Parts8,16,32 and 48 bit wings.

Joystick Wing

Papilio Experimental Wings

4096 color VGA Wing with Audio

Hi speed USB FT232H Wing

7Segment Wing

SRAM + MicroSD + IR + UEXT Conn - CPU Dev Wing Papilio CPU Dev Wing

Wing Wiki Template



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