This project aims at implementing a Sega Master System on a Papilio, that output PAL. The rom images will be read from a SD card with a custom bootloader.

A first working version is out: see this forum post You'll need a VGA wing on AH, a joystick wing (with a 2 button joystick) on AL and an audio wing on BH. You may want a uSD wing on BL.

Regular info on

Code on

Technical info on the SMS can be found at

We need to implement the parts of the SMS:

To get it to work, we need some io:

  • for the video: PAL or NTSC, digitally generated and converted through a R-2R 6-bit DAC
  • for the sound: 1 bit, using delta-sigma modulation,
  • for snes controllers ?: 2 bits for latch/clock and 1 bit for each controller make a total of 4
  • pause button, reset button: 1 bit each
  • for the external ram?, to hold the rom image: a 16 bits wing
  • for the micro sd card interface: an 8bit wing

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