Papilio Playground

The playground is an area where anyone can contribute code, examples, documentation, or just pictures of the Papilio in action. Anything Papilio or FPGA related is welcome.

The playground is a publicly editable wiki and we encourage anyone to add or edit content, the password is "gadget". To edit any page scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Edit Page". There are instructions for wiki markup at the bottom. The password to upload images is also "gadget".

User Projects


Commodore 64 SID Player


Inspired by Markus Gritsch's HybridSID project, Alex takes it to the next level by replacing the hard to find SID chip with a soft SID running inside the Papilio FPGA Board!


TV Output Wing


NTSC/PAL TV and audio output using 14 resistors and a low pass audio filter. This design can be built in a couple minutes using parts from Radio Shack. Open Source VHDL code and EAGLE PCB design files are available.


Pong on scrolling display!


Joel Owens put together this awesome video of the Papilio One driving a scrolling LED sign, but its not just driving text, its driving a Pong game! Wicked cool!

Papilio Projects


Papilio Arcade MegaWing

Demo Video

Take a tour of the Arcade MegaWing and see it in action with Zetris, PacMan, and Frogger.

Papilio ArcadeRecreate classic arcade games.
Barcode GenieCapture Barcodes with the Papilio One. Uses the Arduino core and a custom sketch.
"Sump" Logic AnalyzerDebug digital logic with the "Sump" Logic Analyzer.

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