Infrared Wing

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  • Remote control receiver or transmitter
  • 4Mb/s IRDA communications


    • This 4Mb/s IRDA transceiver with remote control capabilities can be added to the board.
    • The TFDU6300 transceiver is an infrared transceiver module compliant to the latest IrDA® physical layer low-power standard for fast infrared data communication, supporting IrDA speeds up to 4 Mbit/s (FIR), HP-SIR®, Sharp ASK® and carrier based remote control modes up to 2 MHz.
  • TSOP392 - 38khz IR receiver
    • The demodulated output signal can be directly decoded by a microprocessor.
  • LTE-4206 - 3MM IR Emitter
    • Transmit IR signals from FPGA or microcontroller.

Please note that the IR Emitter has a distance of about 5 feet


1SD3TFDU6300 IRDA module SD input pin for
2RX3TFDU6300 IRDA module RX input pin.
3TX3TFDU6300 IRDA module TX output pin.
4NCNot used
5RX2TSOP392 IR Receiver RX input pin.
6NCNot used
7NCNot used
8TX1LTE-4206 IR Emitter TX output pin.

Direction is from the perspective of the FPGA or microcontroller.



Example Projects

Papilio Arcade Kit


If bidirectional I/O is required then the 16-bit I/O Buffer Wing is available.


Board Layout
Board Assembly
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