DIY 8-Bit Computer Using An FPGA and Classic Computer CPUs In VHDL

March 31st, 2014

We found a pretty unique project that was covered recently over at Hackaday, involving a hacked-together 8-bit retro-styled computer.  The kicker here is that it was made using an FPGA combined with  VHDL inplementations of classic CPUs such as the 6502, 6809, and Z80.

In its full configuration, the Multicomp, as [Grant] calls his project, includes either a 6502 (pictured above), 6809, Z80, or (in the future) a 6800 CPU. Video options include either monochrome RCA, RGB VGA, or RGB via SCART. This, along an SD card interface, a PS2 keyboard, and the ability to connect an external 128kB RAM chip (64k available) means it’s a piece of cake to build a proper and complete portable retrocomputer.

In this project, the data and address lines are fully exposed from the FPGA.  That means that you could add whatever circuit you want to make whatever old-school computer you can think of!

Here’s a link to Grant’s site, where he’s got an absolute wealth of info on the project, code, and more.  He’s going to show you exactly what you need to do to create your own retro computer with your FPGA!  There is also more information on this over at the forums

(via Grant’s site)

Building the Papilio DUO Prototypes!

March 25th, 2014

Check it out, the Papilio DUO prototypes have arrived and the very first prototype is being built and tested as we speak! Head over to the forum to follow the thread as the board is verified.

There are more build videos in the forum.

If you are interested in the Papilio DUO design, take a look at the design thread.