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Papilio Playground

The playground is an area where anyone can contribute code, examples, documentation, or just pictures of the Papilio in action. Anything Papilio or FPGA related is welcome.

The playground is a publicly editable wiki and we encourage anyone to add or edit content, the password is "gadget". To edit any page scroll to the very bottom of the page and select "Edit Page". There are instructions for wiki markup at the bottom. The password to upload images is also "gadget".

Links to interesting FPGA projects

FPGA Projects

Recommended reading for getting started with VHDL.

These books are targeted for "Synthesis" of VHDL on physical hardware instead of VHDL for simulation. It is important to make sure you are learning VHDL for Synthesis otherwise it gets confusing. These books have been reported as the "breakthrough" books that helped people get over the initial learning curve.

Further Reading about FPGA's

Xilinx Logic Quick StartQuick Start Logic Handbook from Xilinx that comes with many starter kits.
Fundamentals of Digital ElectronicsAs far as we can tell this is a free textbook. If anyone knows anything about the copyright status of this book please let us know.

Misc Reading related to FPGA and Digital Logic

The Elements of Computing SystemsThe Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles


College course materialCollege course material from Eric Crabill at Xilinx. This is excellent information that covers Digital Electronics and FPGA's.
VHDL TutorialVHDL Tutorial written by Alvaro Lopes of the ZPUino project. (Work in progress)
VHDL TutorialVHDL Learn by Example tutorial.
VHDL TutorialIn detail tutorial for beginners.
VHDL TutorialDesign tips, examples and tutorials for beginners and advanced users.
VHDL TutorialIncludes section on processor design.

Soft Processors



Cross Platform

Papilio Loader on OS XForum posting about getting Papilio Loader to work under OS X.
Papilio Loader on LinuxNotes about getting the Papilio Loader to run on Linux

User Documentation


boldport flowBuild environment generator for FPGA projects
WavedromTool to make timing diagrams.
Pin ConverterTool for re-arranging, generating, and verifying Xilinx UCF files. Also includes support for placing wings when generating the UCF.
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