JaxHax Video Diary: BGA Soldering at Home

Jack attempts to perfect a technique to solder BGA chips at home using a pancake griddle.


JaxHax is a behind the scenes video diary of the work being done on the Open Source Papilio FPGA board.

The Papilio is an Open Source community inspired by the Arduino and meant to ease people into FPGA development. The Papilio community was started by Jack Gassett of Gadget Factory.


For more information visit http://Papilio.cc or http://GadgetFactory.net

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2 Responses to “JaxHax Video Diary: BGA Soldering at Home”

  1. schmidtw says:

    Thanks for making this video – that’s awesome! Where did you get your vacuum device?

    • Jack Gassett says:

      For the life of me I cannot remember where I got that vacuum pickup tool. I’ve had it so long that I’m just not sure… I want to say I found it on Digi-Key, but that might not be true. I did a quick search of all the places I’ve bought tools from that I can remember and I don’t see it… Maybe it is from dealextreme.com

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