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Overview Video
DesignLab Tour
DesignLab Installation
Papilio DUO "Hello World"
Edit Circuits QuickStart
Papilio Pinout Diagram's
DUO Hardware Guide
DUO Schematic
DesignLab Tutorials
Papilio DUO Tutorials

Getting Started with your new Papilio DUO!

Thank you for purchasing the Papilio DUO FPGA board. The Papilio DUO is an exciting new board that couples an Arduino compatible chip with an FPGA circuit laboratory! When used with the Papilio DesignLab software you can draw circuits that allow your Arduino sketches to tap into the awesome power of an FPGA! All without learning a funky new programming language, just draw circuits using "chips" from our community libraries.

This page is the first place to go to learn how to use your new board and to come back to for reference.


Papilio DUO Overview Video

DUO Overview Video

This video walks you through the Papilio DUO hardware and shows you everything that you need to know before you get started.

DesignLab Tour

DesignLab Tour Video

Go over the new functionality provided in DesignLab.

How do the FPGA and AVR work together?

FPGA and AVR Video

Explains how the FPGA and AVR chip co-exist.


DesignLab Installation

Installation Video

Windows Installation Tutorial

Linux Installation Tutorial

Xilinx ISE Installation Tutorial

Papilio DUO "Hello World"

Hello World Video

This video walks you through running "Hello World" code on the Papilio DUO.

Papilio DUO Editing Circuits QuickStart

Edit Circuits Video

This video shows you how to edit Papilio DUO circuits with DesignLab.


Papilio Pinout Diagram's

Click here to download the pinouts diagram

Papilio DUO Hardware Guide

Papilio DUO Schematic

Papilio DUO Tutorials

DesignLab Tutorials

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